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Are you a fan of pop music? Do you like to recieve packages? Then this is the community for you.

Through Pop Packages you will be paired up with a package buddy. Someone who you will exchange packages with on a regular basis.

To join send an email to, thin_kitten@yahoo.com

Once your email is recieved you will be sent a package survery to complete and return. Once your package survey has been recieved and reviewed you will be sent an email regarding your package buddy.

When joining please keep in mind the guidelines below.

* Packages should be a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $10.00 before shipping costs. If you and your buddy decide to spend more on each other, that's up to you.

* Packages should contain, if possible at least one item that is pop related.

* Packages should be sent equally. If you receive one, send one back.

* You are free to leave the community at any time. But, please make sure you email both Pop Packages and your package buddy before doing so.

* Those who do not send packages in return will be banned from the community.