margo (margeauxmarit) wrote in pop_packages,

alright I'm selling everything! email me if you are interested in any of the following...

*all of these I have taped with my own video camera so they are very rare*

OTOWN - video for their show in midland michigan a fewyears ago - They went on before they were going to & so the venue turned the sound off on them! the 1st half of the show they had no sound and tried to sing really loud - then they finaly get their sound & play a great show! I think they may have gotten sued for this show I'm not sure tho! I dont know the exact date but it was two summers ago I think! this video is between 25 to 45 minutes long

WILLA FORD - a video of her show in pontiac michigan about 2 or 3 years ago! she is even sporting an 'I love detroit' shirt! this video is taken from 2nd row & willa looks at the camera a few times this video is between 20 to 35 minutes long

MICHELLE BRANCH - from her show in pontiac michigan aug of 2002. This video is taken from 2nd row! shows her playing some old & new songs. I cant think of the list off the top of my head but if you are interested I could find out! this video is between 10 and 25 minutes long

JONNY LANG - this is a video from clio michigan of jonny's sound check from his show in july of 2001! he smiles & waves at the camera a few times! this video is about 10 minutes long

M2M - about 5 minutes of m2m's sound check taken last summer in ohio!

NYSNC - crappest nysnc video ever I dont know why I am even putting it up here! haha it is horrable I dont think you can see the guys at all so why bother! haha

If you are interested please email me! I can find out exactly how long these videos are & what songs they play if you'd like

MICHELLE BRANCH - 24 pictures from her show in pontiac michigan aug of 2002! you can see these photos HERE these photos are also taken at the same angel & same spot as the video that I have for sale sale above. please dont email me at the address on the pictures cause I only get trash email in that address so I mostly delete everything I get there
I also have THESE michelle pictures from feb of 2001 or something like that

HANSON - umm I have a bunch of hanson pictures that I used to trade all the time go here .... the pictures are up there!

ALSO I AM SELLING MY HANSON NEGATIVES!!! so anyone who is still trading/selling pictures I'll sell you my negatives & then you have full ownership & can sell & trade them as much as you want

I also have pictures of PHANTOM PLANET, BEN KWELLER, DASHBOARD, & THE STROKES if you'd like to see scans email me cause I dont have them scanned yet!

& I also have ROONEY pictures but I may not be able to sell those unless I find where I put the negatives - same with my hanson pictures from nyc this tour!

I also have an aaron carter autographed cd!

this is being cross posted like no other but I'm trying to get the word out - I have a $275 phone bill to pay for & many concert tickets & I'm poor so help spread the word!

If you are interested in anything or have any questions feel free to email me - - or IM me on AIM - x dont tell me

sorry again if this shows up on your friends list 7309034 times I'm just trying to get the word out the best i can!
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