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Lady Gaga [16 Aug 2009|01:26pm]

She is everywhere. Lady Gaga wants to take a ride on your disco stick.

Lady Gaga Poster
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[15 Jul 2008|12:51am]

Username: KitterWolf


Name: Kitty

Age: 21

Birthday: 13th july 1987

List some of your favourite snack foods and candies: pocky, chocolate, cheetos, cheese

List any snack foods and candies or flavors you absolutely hate:

List some of your favorite scents: fruits, oriental,

List any things you cannot accept:

List anything you collect or any colors/patterns you love:  pokemon, digimon, cards, cute stuff, plushies, beanie babies, anime

List any type of arts and crafts you do: drawing and writing

List some of your favorite activities and/or hobbies: writing, reading, anime&manga, penpaling , playing rpgs, playing pokemon

List your favorite music genres/bands etc: metal, alternative rock, system of the down, linkin paRK, anime tunes, mindless self indulgence

List the kinds of jewelry you wear: necklaces and bracelets, small randomness rings and earings

List the kinds of make-up you wear: black and or red lipstick and black eyeliner

Looking for: Pel pals and swap pals

Breed, names, and ages of any pets: don’t have one

Any wishlists?

Kitty K.
8550 E. old spanish trail rd
tucson,az 85710
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[10 Jan 2008|01:51pm]


Pretty.Odd. 3.25.08
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*N Sync Videos for Slae [06 Mar 2005|10:51pm]

For anyone who is interested, I'm auctioning off some home videos on E-Bay of *N Sync footage and early appearances from all the members. Some of the tapes include rare footages and home movies. The collection was made several years ago when I was a diehard fan and consider it a treasure.

You can check out the auction on E-Bay for more information.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

(X-Posted in several *N Sync related communities. If this is not appropriate for this community, please delete it, or leave a comment and I will delete myself ASAP. I do not want to offend anyone, just simply make others aware of this great find.)
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[03 Jul 2004|02:02pm]
Please read & sign the petition to bring the New Mickey Mouse Club (seasons 6 & 7 that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez starred in) to DVD for sale.


Also, please feel free to tell others about this petition. We need as many signatures as we can get.
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[19 Jan 2004|05:44pm]

Im dying to have this dress that the girl on the far left is wearing, does anyone know where I should look or have any information that would be helpful?
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14KT Gold NSYNC necklace [23 Nov 2003|03:30pm]

I have an auction going on at Yahoo! Auctions. It is a 14KT Gold Nsync necklace, exact replica of the necklace all five of the guys own. I got it for Christmas a few years ago and I'm in a bind now so I'm selling some of my memorabilia. Here is my auction

Other things I'm selling privately are:

* the five Nsync full size marionettes
* various magazines that 'Nsync is on the cover of( various Rolling Stone covers, TV guide, cosmo girl, YM, teen people)
* taped performances and interviews
* Lance Bobblehead
* signed picture of Dan from OTOWN (my friend met him along with the others, she gave me the picture he signed)
* 'Nside 'Nsync : the ultimate official album (photo)
* the program from their first American tour
* Christina Aguilera's first Rolling Stone Cover
* Britney Spears American Flag Rolling Stone Cover

If you have specific questions regarding any of the items or have any interest, please email me at SarahLikeWhoa@aol.com

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shibby! [23 Oct 2003|10:23pm]

hey everyone! i just started here! and i want to tell you all that i have loved bsb for years and years, and they are all very nice people, to their fans at least! hehe AND i am here to help promote an auction going on right now for real live backstreet boys and aaron carter pictures!
they are really good, but i thought everyone might want to check them out..
later days
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[17 Sep 2003|10:18pm]

alright I'm selling everything! email me simplybecause@hanson.net if you are interested in any of the following...

HOME VIDEOS OF CONCERTS - otown, michelle branch, willa ford, jonny lang, m2mCollapse )

PHOTOS FROM CONCERTS/MEETING PEOPLE - hanson, michelle branch.....Collapse )

I also have an aaron carter autographed cd!

this is being cross posted like no other but I'm trying to get the word out - I have a $275 phone bill to pay for & many concert tickets & I'm poor so help spread the word!

If you are interested in anything or have any questions feel free to email me - simplybecause@hanson.net - or IM me on AIM - x dont tell me

sorry again if this shows up on your friends list 7309034 times I'm just trying to get the word out the best i can!
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anyone interested? [03 Jun 2003|03:35pm]


1. What kind of snack foods/candy do you like? Anything sour, suckers, gum, different
things, hard candies. ummm yeah

2. What hobbies are you interested in? photography, writing, reading, hiking, camping, journal writing, shopping, and hanging with friends

3. What do you collect? candles, stickers, body sprays, visors, funky socks, butterfly stuff, pictures, picture frames, stationary, Hello Kitty, Winnie-the-Pooh, and smiles!

4. What are your favorite colors? Blue, green and red

5. What are your favorite scents? Anything fruity, cool water, and vanilla fields

6. What type of music do you listen to? hip hop, new-age, dance, rap, r&b...hell i love all music. from country to hardcore rock and trance.

7.What is your hair color/eye color/skin tone? light brown hair, hazeel eyes (change color) and very fair skinned.

8. Do you have any particular things you can't get enough of? the things that i collect. letters. socks of all kinds (specially with pretty pics), anything that i cant find out here.

9. Are there any specific brands you covet? nope its all good to me.

10. Additional interests/comments: I also like to write letters and just have fun
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[15 Jan 2002|04:35pm]
Welcome to, Pop Packages. For those who have just come across this community and would like to join. Send an email to
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