Suburban Princess (nikegirl22) wrote in pop_packages,
Suburban Princess

anyone interested?


1. What kind of snack foods/candy do you like? Anything sour, suckers, gum, different
things, hard candies. ummm yeah

2. What hobbies are you interested in? photography, writing, reading, hiking, camping, journal writing, shopping, and hanging with friends

3. What do you collect? candles, stickers, body sprays, visors, funky socks, butterfly stuff, pictures, picture frames, stationary, Hello Kitty, Winnie-the-Pooh, and smiles!

4. What are your favorite colors? Blue, green and red

5. What are your favorite scents? Anything fruity, cool water, and vanilla fields

6. What type of music do you listen to? hip hop, new-age, dance, rap, r&b...hell i love all music. from country to hardcore rock and trance.

7.What is your hair color/eye color/skin tone? light brown hair, hazeel eyes (change color) and very fair skinned.

8. Do you have any particular things you can't get enough of? the things that i collect. letters. socks of all kinds (specially with pretty pics), anything that i cant find out here.

9. Are there any specific brands you covet? nope its all good to me.

10. Additional interests/comments: I also like to write letters and just have fun
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